Our story

Founded in 1987 for the development and distribution of phytoderivative products for veterinary use, Biorama has thirty years of experience in the big and small animals sector, also thanks to the collaboration of specialists with many years of experience in this field.
Our constant commitment is to transfer the achieved knowledge, and especially the non-invasive therapeutic approach , to the animals treatment and to offer constantly improved phytoderivative products.

Dr. Franco Tanzi

Founder of the company of veterinary phytotherapy Biorama S.a.s and creator of all our products strictly based on natural ingredients, obtained through detailed studies on the various diseases which affect the animal world, these studies have allowed to find the best active ingredients for the pathology's treatment, and whose efficacy is guaranteed by specific tests conducted meticulously over the years.



Milan's University of Veterinary Medicine

Quinquennial graduation course

Date 1976 - 1982


Milan's University of Veterinary Medicine

Specialisation in equine pathology

Date 1983 - 1984

Homeopathic Clnic of Dr. Bauer Arosa (Swiss)

Specialisation in Homeopathy

Date 1985

Veterinary Homeopathy Clinic (Paris)

Specilisation in Veterinary Homeopathy

Date 1986 - 1987

Veterinary phytotherapy

The vegetal world offers since milleniums a lot of possibilities of intervention at prevention and treatment level.
Biorama has many years of the experience in the study and utilization of vegetal extracts, which act in sinergy with the homeopathic remedies, offering more therapeutic possibilities.